mylife therapy management made easy

  • Intuitive and user friendly design for ease of use
  • Identical interface for all users to simplify communication
  • Compatible with a range of devices for more flexibility
  • Optional use of cloud service to match user preferences
  • Possibility of data sharing to simplify therapy management

With the aim of optimised communication between people with diabetes and health care professionals, the mylife therapy management is an easy-to-use, easy-to-share solution for diabetes therapy data which consists of the mylife Software, the mylife App and the mylife Cloud.

The mylife therapy management accommodates the requirements of various diabetes therapy plans; from type 1 users on pump therapy to type 2 users who simply want to keep track of their blood glucose values.


mylife Software Diabetes therapy management solution

mylife Software Dashboard

Intuitive and user friendly design for ease of use

The mylife Software optimises the user experience – menus, reports and settings are clear, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Identical interface for all users to simplify communication

The interface looks the same for all users. No matter if you use the professional or private version. Therefore, treatment discussions are effortless as both parties can access identical graphs and statistics. This is particularly helpful when speaking over the phone.

Compatible with a range of devices for more flexibility

The mylife Software has been designed to work with the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices, and also with a wide range of other blood glucose meters.

Optional use of cloud service to match user preferences

The mylife Software is available with two different options. Users can decide if they want to install the mylife Software directly on their PC or if they want to access the mylife Software in the mylife Cloud.

Possibility of data sharing to simplify therapy management

The mylife Cloud offers the opportunity for health care professionals to invite their patients for data sharing. When patients share their data with their HCP, both are looking at the exact same information.

Device compatibility

mylife Software device compatibility

The mylife Software has been designed not only to work with the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices; mylife YpsoPump, mylife OmniPod, mylife Unio and mylife Pura included, but also with a range of other blood glucose meters such as FreeStyle®, Contour™, OneTouch®, Accu-Chek®, and Rightest™ GM.

mylife App Comprehensive data at your fingertips

Therapy management on-the-go

  • Simple wireless data transfer via Bluetooth to the mylife App
  • Integrated and easy-to-use bolus calculator with insulin on board function (IOB)
  • Display of last values including blood glucose value, bolus, basal rate and IOB for a discreet therapy overview
  • Possibility of manual data entry and mylife Cloud synchronisation
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
mylife Software woman sitting in chair with coffee and mobile phone

mylife Cloud Easy, fast and secure

mylife Cloud data management

Thanks to the mylife Cloud, data synchronisation between health care professionals and patients is easier than ever. Health care professionals can invite their patients to share data directly from the mylife Software.

This allows health care professionals to synchronise patient data and to spend more time on therapy management during appointments.

The mylife Software offers users the choice to store therapy data either in the mylife Cloud or directly onto their personal computer. Your data, your choice.

Disclaimer: FreeStyle®, Contour™, OneTouch®, Accu-Chek® and Rightest™ are trademarks of their respective registration holders

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Your choice of therapy management Versatile, fast and secure

mylife Software offers a choice of how to securely store therapy data; either directly onto your personal computer or in the mylife Cloud.

mylife Software Diabetes therapy management solution

Installed on any Windows personal computer, experience the features and benefits of the mylife Software.

  • Enter, access and review therapy data locally on your personal computer
  • Access all data using one local computer and keep data off the mylife Cloud

How to install mylife Software

System requirements

  • Windows operating system 7 and higher
  • Net Runtime environment 4.5 and higher (this will install automatically if missing)
  • 1GB of RAM and at least 500MB of hard disk space
  • Minimum resolution requirement of 1024 × 768 pixels
  • Keyboard and mouse for operation

Note: To install the mylife Software on your computer, it is necessary that you have administrator rights.

mylife Cloud Easy, fast and secure

Access anywhere, anytime. Cloud access ensures data is securely stored and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

  • Use the internet browser on any Mac or PC to access the mylife Software online
  • Upload pump and meter data directly into the mylife Cloud via the mylife Upload Utility
  • mylife Cloud data is backed up, up-to-date and accessible

How to access the mylife Software in the cloud

System requirements

  • A browser which supports HTML5 and Javascript , e.g. the current version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Minimum display resolution of 1024 × 768 pixel

How to download the mylife Upload

System requirements for mylife Upload installation:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 500MB of hard disk space

To initiate the mylife Upload download please click here:

mylife App Comprehensive data at your fingertips

For therapy management on-the-go. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Download the mylife App

System requirements

  • Android devices with Android Version 5.0 and higher
  • Android devices has to support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth V4.0)
  • iPhone 5s or newer / iOS Version 9.3 and higher

Report guide

Reports and overall functions A versatile and flexible tool

Reports assist both health care professionals and patient when evaluating therapy data and ensure that both are equipped with helpful and relevant information.

mylife Software navigation
  • Dashboard: Start screen to import and synchronise device data and a quick reference of therapy trends and results
  • Overall view: Graphical view of therapy data
  • Logbook: Chronological list of events, patient and HCP notes and data on key events
  • Standard day: Overview of  24 hours blood glucose patterns
  • Distribution: To view blood glucose distribution for the whole day or periods of the day
  • Insulin report: Shows insulin quantity, basal to bolus ratio and bolus types
  • Trend report: To compare two periods of time with each other to identify treatment opportunities
  • Pump settings: Automated storing of pump settings with each data import and to compare pump settings of two periods
  • Patient profiles: For the HCP to create, view and edit patients and their data
  • Settings: To configure the software to suit your preferences

Dashboard For an overview of key therapy statistics

mylife Software Dashboard
  • The dashboard is mylife Software's homepage – showing an overview of trends in frequency of BG level tracking, average number of hypos per month, standard deviation and average blood glucose reading
  • Import data from therapy devices
  • Sync data with the mylife Cloud directly from the dashboard
  • For health care professionals, quickly toggle between patients using the drop down patient list
Overall view

Overall view The big picture

mylife Software screen "overall view"
  • See all data entries in one report; basal and bolus insulin deliveries, manual and / or device entered blood glucose measurements, carbs and sport
  • Data can be reported acording to a series of different time periods as well as pre-set and customisable filter settings

Logbook All information, patient and health care professional notes, and data on key events

mylife Software screen "logbook"
  • Log special events such as manual blood glucose measurements, sports, sickness, menstrual cycles etc.
  • Patients and health care professionals can enter notes in the logbook which can then be exchanged via the mylife Cloud
Standard day

Standard day 24 hour blood glucose patterns

mylife Software screen "standard day"
  • Show blood glucose results of the selected time period over 24 hours of a day
  • Link readings with other measurements from that day and show corresponding logbook entries
  • View statistics such as average blood glucose results for the selected time period

Distribution View blood glucose distribution according to measurement and period of time

mylife Software screen "distribution"
  • Review the distribution of blood glucose measurements according to target zones and time-of-day settings
  • Easy to read, colour coded graphs quickly expose distribution
  • Filter results to report data that are relevant to you
Insulin report

Insulin report Report insulin quantity, basal to bolus and type of bolus

mylife Software screen "insulin report"
  • View a total daily breakdown of insulin delivered over a selected period of time – week by week
  • Basal / bolus delivery, a breakdown of meal and correction boluses as well as any bolus calculator overrides
Trend report

Trend report Identify trends – identify treatment opportunities

mylife Software screen "trend report"
  • Compare two time periods of therapy data to expose relationships and help identify possible areas of improvement
  • Compare blood glucose values, average daily insulin use, as well as any suggested bolus calculator overrides
Pump settings

Pump settings Back up and compare

mylife Software screen "pump settings"
  • Pump settings are stored in the mylife Software everytime you connect a pump, ensuring patients and health care professionals always have a back up of most recent pump settings in case of a pump error
  • Insulin to carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, basal programmes as well as presets are all saved
  • Compare pump settings to see how therapy has altered over time


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