Enjoy simplicity.

Quick and convenient cartridge change

Immediate availability with pre-filled NovoRapid® PumpCart®1

The mylife YpsoPump system is compatible with NovoRapid® PumpCart®1. The pre-filled cartridge makes changing cartridges incredibly simple in only three easy steps.

Step 1

  • Rotate adaptor counterclockwise by 90°
  • Remove cartridge
  • Return the threaded rod and perform the self-test

Step 2

  • Insert a full cartridge into the cartridge compartment
  • Place adaptor upright on the cartridge, rotate clockwise by 90° and close cartridge compartment

Step 3

  • Fill the infusion set
  • Engage the infusion set by snapping the tubing cap to the cannula base of the infusion set

Flexibility with your insulin of choice – mylife YpsoPump Reservoir for self-filling

The mylife YpsoPump Reservoir has been developed for insulin delivery with your mylife YpsoPump system. Using the mylife YpsoPump Reservoir, you can easily fill an empty reservoir with a rapid-acting insulin of your choice at a concentration of 100 U/ml.

Cartridge features at a glance – Go for convenience or easy-to-handle choice

With your mylife YpsoPump, you are not required to change your infusion set everytime you change your insulin cartridge – this ensures you easy, fast and discreet cartridge changes.

Pre-filled cartridge

  • Pre-filled
  • Easy to change
  • Less handling steps

Empty reservoir for self-filling

  • Self-filled with your insulin of choice
  • Easy-to-handle filling system
  • Easy-to-read filling level

Specifications NovoRapid® PumpCart®1

Insulin aspart
100 U/ml,
rapid-acting insulin analogue
Size of cartridge
1.6 ml/160U
Package quantity
5 cartridges
Usage For single use
Material Glass cylinder

Specifications mylife YpsoPump Reservoir

Suitable for
100 U/ml,
rapid-acting insulin
analogue or regular human insulin
Size of reservoir
1.6 ml/160U
Package quantity
10 reservoirs
Usage For single use
Material Glass cylinder

1 NovoRapid® and PumpCart® are registered trademarks belonging to Novo Nordisk.