mylife Software (on your computer)

Which operating systems can I use to download/install the mylife Software?

To install the mylife Software, Microsoft Windows 7 or newer is required.

How much space will the mylife Software require on my hard drive?

The mylife Software requires at least 500MB of hard drive space - it is recommended that you have 1GB of RAM.

Is there a screen resolution requirement for the mylife Software?

Yes - there is a minimum screen resolution requirement of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Is data stored on my computer?

Yes - data will be stored on your computer in your "my documents" folder. Data files will be stored in a folder called "Ypsomed\mylife". For each user, there will be a separate data folder. Stored data will be encrypted to ensure privacy.

What happens if I change my computer?

If your therapy data is saved in the mylife Cloud, you would simply need to re-install the mylife Software onto your new device and log in using your username and password. If data is not stored in the mylife Cloud, you will have to manually transfer the entire "Ypsomed" folder located in the users Documents folder.

How do I uninstall the mylife Software?

The mylife Software can be uninstalled with Windows Programs and Features. In addition, the Windows Start menu includes an item for uninstalling the mylife Software from your PC.

Does the mylife Software require updates?

Yes. Frequent manufacturer software updates will occur automatically. These may compromise the operability of the software. In case of any suspected malfunctions, please contact your customer service.

Do I need an internet connection to use the mylife Software?

No - you can use the mylife Software on a computer without an internet connection, provided you have a CD-ROM to install the mylife Software locally. If you do not have a CD-ROM but wish to use the mylife Software without an internet connection, please contact your local customer care line.

I am having trouble installing the mylife Software.
  1. Ensure your user profile has administrator rights. If not, the system will not allow you to install the Software.
  2. Check if you have enough hard drive space.
  3. Check if you are using the operating system Windows 7 or newer.
  4. If you are trying to download the installation file, make sure you are connected to the internet, with a bandwidth sufficient to download the application.

mylife Cloud

Which browsers support mylife Software?

Browsers that support JavaScript and HTML5 support the mylife Software. For example Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 36 or newer, Chrome 18 or newer, Safari 9 or newer.

What should I do when I have forgotten my password.

To reset your password, please go to and follow the instructions.

How is data and privacy protection in the mylife Cloud ensured?

All data in the mylife Cloud are stored on servers within the European Union by Microsoft Azure. They are committed to maintain the highest standards of privacy and security in their online services. Their efforts to implement privacy and data protection measures across their cloud service offerings fall into three main areas: Building services to protect data / Protecting data in service opertions / Empowering customers to protect their data. For more information about data protection and security please refer to Microsoft Azure.

Data transfer

How do I connect and transfer data from my mylife YpsoPump?

To connect your mylife YpsoPump, plug the mylife Dongle into your computer/laptop. To initiate data transfer on the pump, press the data transfer icon in the settings menu. Then select Import from YpsoPump and select then your mylife YpsoPump indentified by the serial number on the mylife Software Dashboard to start the date transfer.

How do I connect and transfer data from my mylife Pura meter?

To connect your mylife Pura meter, turn off the mylife Pura device, then connect the device with the mylife Pura cable to your computer/laptop. Once plugged in, select Import blood glucose data on the mylife Software Dashboard screen. Verify that the meter is still in "PCL" mode, then select the mylife Pura on the device list and press Import data. Select a suitable COM port (try every port) and press Import data to start data transfer.

How do I connect and transfer data from my mylife Unio meter?

To connect your mylife Unio meter, use a standard mini USB cable and plug it into your computer/laptop. Once plugged in, select your mylife Unio device on the the mylife Software Dashboard screen. Then select the mylife Unio on the device list and press Import data to start data transfer.

How do I connect and transfer data from devices other than mylife Diabetescare?

There is a range of devices other than mylife Diabetescare compatible with the mylife Software for data import. To transfer data from any of those devices, please follow the description in its user guide. Be aware that some devices do need specific cables and/or specific procedures to import data. For specific device information, such as each device's cable requirements and functionality, please refer to its user guide.

Which insulin pumps are compatible with the mylife Software?

The mylife Software is compatible with the mylife YpsoPump.

Which blood glucose devices are compatible with the mylife Software?

The mylife Software has been designed to work with the full range of mylife Diabetescare devices: mylife Unio, mylife Pura, mylife PuraX. Furthermore, it is compatible with a range of blood glucose meters from Abbott, Ascensia, Lifescan, Accu-Chek, and Bionime.

How do I pair mylife YpsoPump?

The first time you transfer data from your mylife YpsoPump, it is required that you pair the device with your mylife Software. This should happen automatically. Once you have initiated data transfer on your mylife YpsoPump and mylife Software, the mylife YpsoPump will display a 6 digit passkey, that you will be asked to enter into your mylife Software. You will only have to do this once.

What should I do when I cannot pair the mylife YpsoPump?
  1. Make sure that the mylife Dongle is plugged in.
  2. Check that you have correctly pressed the Data transfer icon on your mylife YpsoPump.
  3. Make sure no alarms are running on your mylife YpsoPump and make sure that it is switched on with sufficient battery life.
  4. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and visible on your device.
  5. Make sure the mylife YpsoPump is within range.


What can I synchronise?

If you are using the mylife Cloud and the mylife Software on your PC, you can exchange data between the two by synchronisation.

Does the mylife Software automatically synchronise to the mylife Cloud?

No. Users who have registered for the mylife Cloud and therefore have a user account can synchronise their data between the mylife Cloud and the mylife Software. Users must enter their e-mail adress and password in the dashboard settings before synchronisation is possible. To start synchronisation, press the synchronisation button on the Dashboard.

Is it possible to synchronise data between the health care professional and his patients?

Yes, health care professionals can invite patients to share their data with them. In that case, both need a mylife Cloud account. The health care professional needs the e-mail address of his patient to be able to invite him to use the mylife Cloud. The patient can accept the invitation. From that moment on, the health care professional and the patient are looking at exactly the same data. The patient is the owner of the data and he can reject datasharing anytime.


Where can I change mmol/L to mg/dL?

You can change between mmol/L and mg/dL in the Settings tab of the main menu. mmol/L and mg/dL options are a choice in the General Settings tab.

How do I change the language of my mylife Software?

To change the language settings of your mylife Software, select "Settings" in the main menu, ensure the General Settings tab is open and use the language drop down menu to select/change the language.

Can I delete, edit or amend my therapy data?

For your safety, and the integrity of your therapy data, you cannot amend, edit or delete any data entered into the mylife Software from an insulin pump or blood glucose meter. You can only edit manually entered data stored in the logbook.


Can I print my diabetes therapy data?

Yes. The easiest way to print a report is to use the Report button at the top of each report screen. This will export any report as a PDF or Word document (the logbook screen can also be exported in a CSV or Excel format). Once reports have been exported to your chosen programme, they can be printed.