People with diabetes doing winter sports
Keep insulin and diabetes devices warm and pack fast carbs and you are ready to go!

5 tips for safe descents

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Snow has something magical about it. Snowy landscapes are idyllic and lure us outside despite the freezing temperatures. It makes you want to go for a walk or even sledging or skiing. For people with diabetes, there are a few things to keep in mind due to the cold and physical exercise.

Diabetes and festive season
People with diabetes during festive season

How to keep your blood glucose under control during the festive season

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The festive season is just days away. A season not known for abstinence, this can often prove a challenge for people with diabetes.

Freedom of choice with the mylife YpsoPump
With our mylife YpsoPump insulin pump you can use the diasend® software for simplified communication with your physician.

Connection to third-party diabetes therapy management software is possible

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With the mylife YpsoPump, we follow a modular approach to give you freedom of choice in your diabetes therapy. You now have the option of using your mylife YpsoPump with the therapy management solution diasend® by Glooko.

Trees and sunlight
Forest in autumn

Get your shoes on, and discover the golden autumn!

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It is one of the most popular leisure activities and for many their favourite form of exercise: hiking. And as you have full control over speed, breaks and daily goals, it is especially suitable for people with diabetes.