mylife system and Dexcom's CGM

Ypsomed partners with Dexcom

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We have recently entered a partnership with Dexcom to improve your diabetes therapy system. This partnership will make it possible for you to use the Dexcom G6 CGM system as part of the mylife Diabetescare therapy system. Thanks to this integration, you will be able to review mylife YpsoPump insulin data as well as Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring data in your mylife App on your smartphone.

Exciting offer for people who choose a mylife YpsoPump system

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The mylife YpsoPump is easy to learn and easy to operate. It is designed to make your medical self-treatment a matter of routine. There is something else that can help you make the diabetes treatment easier: flash blood glucose sensors.


Diabetes myths debunked

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Type 1 diabetes is complex and affects people differently. Although recent advances in medical science have improved our understanding of the condition, there still remain a variety of misconceptions that you have probably heard. With plenty of rumours and flat-out wrong sources of information going around the internet, it’s no wonder you may be feeling confused.

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A healthy meal plan is very important for people with diabetes.

Tips for a healthy diet

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Eating a balanced diet is a crucial part of leading a healthy lifestyle and is important for everyone – it can help you maintain a healthy weight and can reduce your risk of chronic disease.