What is a closed-loop system?

A closed-loop system is a diabetes management system that automatically regulates insulin delivery according to your glucose level. Insulin delivery will reduce when you are at risk of going low and more insulin is delivered when you're at risk of going high. This allows for glucose levels to be stabilised with minimal interaction. A closed-loop system therefore leads to more time in range, and simultaneously reduces the effort required to manage your blood glucose levels.

The 3 components of a closed-loop system:

  • An insulin pump
  • A Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System
  • A control algorithm that connects the sensor and the pump

Hybrid closed-loop

Hybrid closed-loop systems need user input to function properly. You have to let the system know when you're eating, so you'll need to input the amount of carbohydrates.

Fully closed-loop

The aim of a fully closed-loop system is to control your glucose level without any announcements (e.g. amount of carbs). Glucose control will be completely automated meaning you wont have to interact with your diabetes devices at all.

mylife Loop

The automated insulin delivery system that runs from your smartphone.

Choosing the insulin pump that suits you

Your insulin pump will be yours for around 4 years. It is important to consider it thoroughly, and make the right decision for you. Your healthcare professional will help you to find out which type of pump best fits your needs.

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