What is a closed-loop system?

A closed-loop system is a diabetes management system that automatically regulates insulin delivery according to your glucose level. Insulin delivery will reduce when you are at risk of going too low and more insulin is delivered when your glucose level is high. This allows for glucose levels to be stabilised with minimal patient interaction. A closed-loop system therefore leads to fewer time spent with high or low blood glucose and simultaneously reduces your effort for glucose corrections.

The 3 components of a closed-loop system:

  • An insulin pump
  • A Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System
  • A control algorithm that connects the sensor and the pump

Hybrid closed-loop

Hybrid closed-loop systems do necessarily need user input to function properly. Meal intake has to be announced. When you eat, you therefore have to indicate how many carbohydrates you just consumed.

Fully closed-loop

Fully closed-loop systems are not yet commercially available, as the systems are still in early development. The aim of a fully closed-loop system is to control your glucose level without any announcements (e.g. meal declaration). Glucose control will be completely automated and your burden will be minimised in order to increase the quality of life.

mylife Loop

The automated insulin delivery system that runs from your smartphone.

Choosing the insulin pump that suits you

The choice of an insulin pump is a choice for a device which will be your companion for a long time. It is important to consider it thoroughly. Your healthcare professional will help you to find out which type of pump best fits your needs.

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