What is lipohypertrophy?

  • This means changes, hardening of the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

What causes lipohypertrophy?

  • The re-use of damaged pen needles can lead to skin and tissue injuries.
  • This, together with frequent injections in so-called "favourite sites", can lead to lipohypertrophy.

What are the consequences of lipohypertrophy?

  • Injections into hardened tissue affect insulin absorption making the insulin dose effectiveness difficult to calculate.
  • This can lead to unexplainable blood glucose fluctuations.

How can lipohypertrophy be avoided?

  • Change the injection site after every injection (rotation principle).
  • Use a new pen needle for every injection.
  • Check injection sites regularly and consult your healthcare professional in case of conspicuous occurences.
Lipohypertrophy woman
Examples of lipohypertrophy
Examples of lipohypertrophy


Lipohypertrophy can often be felt better than seen!