Before injection

Handling - Wash hands

Wash hands with soap and water.

Handling - Shake insulin pen

Note: mix cloudy insulin (NPH or mixed insulin). Roll and swivel the pen 10 times before each injection, according to the instructions of your healthcare professional and the instructions of the insulin manufacturer.

During injection

Handling - Remove peel foil

Remove the protective foil.

Handling - Click on needle (incorrect)

Do not click or screw on the pen needle at an angle.

Handling - Click on needle (correct)

Penfine Classic – screw pen needle onto pen with outer pen needle protective cap until it engages.

Handling - Click on needle (correct) Clickfine

Clickfine – Click on pen needle and press it straight down – firm seating is ensured through an audible click.

Handling - Needle vertically clicked on from above

Tip for Clickfine: Place the pen needle vertically on a table and click the pen onto it from above.

Handling - Remove outer cap

Remove the outer protective cap of the pen needle in upward direction and save the cap.

Handling - Remove inner cap

Remove the inner protective cap of the pen needle in upward direction and save the cap.

Handling - Priming of injection pen

Check whether the injection pen is ready for injecting before every injection according to the instructions for use of the injection pen (priming).

Handling - Set correct dose and place at a suitable injection site

Set the correct dose. Place pen needle on suitable injection site.

Handling - Slowly inject the insulin

Slowly inject the insulin according to the instructions of your healtcare professional: to do this, press dosage button.

Handling - Count to ten while pen needle remains in fatty tissue

Allow the pen needle to remain in the fatty tissue (count to 10 slowly).

Handling - Secure pen needle with outer cap

Carefully secure pen needle with the outer protective cap (only for self-injection).

Handling - Screw off pen needle

Screw off pen needle.

Handling - Safely dispose of the used pen needle

Safely dispose of the used pen needle.

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