In the user testimonial videos below, we introduce you to a variety of people. Some are at university, while others are pursuing careers. Some are dedicated to fitness, while others spend their lives travelling. But what they all have in common is type 1 diabetes and the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump that they wear. In the videos they also reveal why they do not ever want to be without it either.

Theresa, student

Testimonial Theresa - mylife YpsoPump

Theresa is studying law. She is on the go a lot during her free time, whether to read in a cafe or get some exercise. She values the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump because it provides her with a high level of flexibility and thus greater quality of life.

Simone, globetrotter

Testimonial Simone - mylife YpsoPump

Simone has a major passion: travel. Other time zones and unfamiliar foods are a challenge for people with diabetes. Simone is glad that her mylife YpsoPump provides her with two basal rate profiles and different bolus variants.

Elisabeth, athlete

Testimonial Elisabeth - mylife YpsoPump

Elisabeth is a student that likes to exercise often. In addition to the gym, the budding nutritionist enjoys visiting markets and trying new foods. Always with her, but barely noticeable: her mylife YpsoPump insulin pump.

Jörg, night owl

Testimonial Jörg - mylife YpsoPump

As the owner of several pastry shops, Jörg works at night too. Leading a life counter to one’s natural biorhythm requires a more flexible therapy that isn’t possible with a pen. With the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump, Jörg’s blood glucose values are now well in hand.

Melek, expectant mother

Testimonial Melek - mylife YpsoPump

During her pregnancy, Melek switched from pen to pump therapy to treat her type 1 diabetes because she was frequently experiencing hypoglycaemia. Thanks to the mylife YpsoPump, she can now concentrate fully and completely on her pregnancy.

Sabrina, matriarch

Testimonial Sabrina - mylife YpsoPump

Sabrina likes that her pump is easy to use, which also enables her family to operate it in an emergency. At home on Tegernsee Lake, Sabrina likes to go swimming with her mylife YpsoPump insulin pump.