mylife Aveo – Enjoy practicality

  • Preset blood glucose monitoring system for fast setup and easy training
  • Large numbers and clear display for excellent readability
  • Automatic data transfer for quick and simple therapy monitoring
  • Connectivity to the mylife App for a convenient bolus suggestion
  • Strip ejector for hygienic strip removal without contacting blood

mylife Aveo Matches the mylife YpsoPump and pen therapy

mylife Aveo is ideal for diabetes self-management when combined with the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump: both devices can transfer data wirelessly to the mylife App via Bluetooth®. Plus, with mylife Aveo people on pen therapy have the possibility to send their blood glucose data wirelessly to the mylife App for bolus suggestions. Regardless of the therapy form, the mylife App allows you to manage your therapy data in one central management solution – providing you with a comprehensive and quick therapy overview. The optional mylife Cloud makes data synchronisation between healthcare professionals and patients very easy.

Download the mylife App directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and learn more about the mylife Software.

mylife Aveo A blood glucose meter for every need

mylife Aveo is a blood glucose monitoring system that meets user requirements: a preset and high quality blood glucose meter with intuitive operation. To help you to manage the diabetes in a reliable and simple way, the mylife Aveo blood glucose meter offers suitable functions to fulfill your requirements.

A reliable system which supports the daily diabetes management

After every measurement, a pre-meal, post-meal or fasting marker can be set. If you wish to be supported regarding blood glucose levels, a blood glucose target range can be defined. After every measurement, an icon will indicate if the blood glucose level is beyond the defined blood glucose target range or not. With mylife Aveo, up to three alarms can be set to remind you when a test needs to be performed. Furthermore, a post-prandial alarm reminds you to perform a test two hours after a meal. For safety reasons, a strip expiry date indicator can be set, which calls your attention when the current test strip has expired.

High measurement practicability in just a few steps

Safe and easy application makes mylife Aveo the ideal blood glucose meter for people with diabetes of any age. The device activates automatically when a test strip is inserted and identifies the strip code. An audible signal confirms the correct insertion of the test strip. Measurement results are easy to read thanks to large numbers and the well-illuminated display. The strip ejector allows a removal of the test strip without contacting blood.

Between simple and all options

The mylife Aveo blood glucose monitoring system suits people with diabetes who appreciate an easy-to-use meter with a large display, but also people who want to manage their diabetes with the support of mobile devices.

Components at a glance All you need for a plain and simple measurement

mylife Aveo blood glucose meter

  • Preset and easy-to-use meter with intuitive operation
  • Well-illuminated display with large viewing angles containing large figures for good visibility
  • Possibility of blood glucose target range definition
  • Alarm functions with 3 daily alarms
  • Post-prandial alarm (2 hours)
  • Strip expiration date indicator
  • Pre-meal, post-meal and fasting marker
  • Strip ejection without contacting blood
  • Shortcuts printed on the meter’s backside for fast settings Bluetooth® and micro-USB for data transfer to the mylife App and to therapy management software, such as the mylife Software
  • Automatic data transmission to a smartphone with installed mylife App

mylife Aveo lancing device

  • Lancet ejector for safe and easy lancet changes
  • Practical bayonet lock and stop function for easy lancet replacement
  • Vibration-absorbing design for precise penetration of the skin and thus minimal puncture injury
  • 9 variable puncture depths
  • Gentle collection of blood samples

mylife Aveo test strips

  • High accuracy1 and precision2 with Glucose Dehydrogenase-Flavine Adenine Dinucleotide (GDH-FAD) enzyme
  • Standard round test strip boxes containing 50 strips
mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolor
Lancets Multicolor

Sterile disposable lancets for effective and comfortable capillary blood sampling

The mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolor quality lancets are designed to make blood sampling easier and more comfortable. An electro-polished tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a smooth and sharp finish to obtain optimum blood samples with maximum comfort.

  • Virtually pain free: The tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a gentle collection of the blood sample.
  • Exposed Needle Length: The needle is perfectly positioned to ensure consistent needle concentricity and an exposed needle length.
  • Optimised safety: No LDPE (low density polyethylene) material remains on the needle tip after removing lancing cap.
  • High quality lancets for everyday use
  • Optimum blood flow
  • Makes blood sampling easier and more comfortable
  • Needle diameter 30G
  • Designed for use with mylife Aveo lancing device, mylife AutoLance, mylife Softlance and most other sampling devices
  • mylife Lancets multicolor: same function as mylife Lancets standard, but available in seven different colors

Consult the mylife Lancets factsheet

1 i-SENS: Test Report for the System Accuracy Evaluation Blood Glucose Monitoring System mylife Aveo, Yangjae Choi’s Hospital, Korea, 10.2019.
2 i-SENS: Test Report for the Evaluation of Precision (ISO 15197:2013) of the mylife Aveo Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Sensor laboratory (B1F) Seocho, i-SENS, Inc., Korea, 10.2019.

Measurement with mylife Aveo High measurement convenience

Removing test strip
Take the test strip out of the vial and close the vial.

Inserting test strip
Insert the test strip. The meter starts automatically.

Waiting for symbol
Wait until the symbol “Apply blood” appears.

Extracting blood
Obtain a blood sample by pricking your finger.

Applying blood
Apply blood vertically.

Reading the measurement
Data will be transmitted to the mylife App automatically (Bluetooth® must be turned on, meter is paired).

Removing test strip without contacting blood
Slide down the bar on the backside of the meter to eject the test strip into disposal.

An intelligent blood glucose meter integrated in a whole system

In addition to data management via Bluetooth® by the mylife App on a mobile device, the mylife Aveo meter lets you transfer data from the meter to a compatible therapy management software, such as the mylife Software, by means of a standard micro-USB cable. Data transfer from mylife Aveo to the mylife Software can also be carried out by using the Bluetooth® interface of the meter in combination with a specific dongle for the PC. To do this, mylife Aveo initially needs to be paired with the PC.

mylife Software

The mylife Software is a therapy management solution designed to cover the needs of people with diabetes and healthcare professionals for a thorough diabetes management. It has an intuitive and user-friendly design for ease of use, trend reports and useful statistics for a better therapy overview. The mylife Software is compatible with all mylife Diabetescare devices, such as mylife Aveo, mylife Unio, mylife Unio Neva, mylife Unio Cara, mylife Pura, mylife PuraX and mylife YpsoPump, and a wide range of other devices for a complete therapy picture.

Get more information about the mylife Software.

Product specifications
  • Measurement technologyElectrochemical sensor GDH-FAD
  • Reference deviceYSI 2300 Stat Plus
  • Measurement calibrationPlasma
  • CodingAutocoding (no user interaction required)
  • SampleCapillary and venous whole blood
  • Haematocrit15–70 %
  • Minimum sample volume0.5 μL
  • Test time5 seconds
  • Memory capacity1 000 measurements
  • Measuring range0.6–33.3 mmol/L (10–600 mg/dL), if outside: Low (Lo) or High (Hi)
  • Power savingOn
  • Operating temperature5–45 °C
  • Operating relative humidity10–90 %
  • Power supply2 CR2032 batteries
  • Meter battery life1 000 measurements
  • Meter dimension103 × 54 × 15 mm
  • Meter weight67 g (with batteries)
  • MonitorLCD display with backlight
  • Data interfaceOption A: wireless via Bluetooth® (transmission range approx. 10 m)
    Option B: micro-USB port (micro-USB/USB-A-type cable, separately available)
  • Meter data transmission managementData can be transferred to the mylife App and to different therapy management software, such as the mylife Software

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