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Charlis personal experiences with our insulin pump

23-year-old Charli from Germany has been living with diabetes for over three years and is sharing her experiences on her personal Instagram blog. Our mylife YpsoPump insulin pump played a big part in her day-to-day management with the illness. She is thankful for its small size and good-looking design.

Charli started her first insulin pump therapy with our mylife YpsoPump. This was, after two years of usage, still one of the best decisions of her diabetes career. The biggest issue with managing her diabetes was administering insulin in public. Thanks to the mylife YpsoPump, this problem does not exist anymore. The pump does all the work and she can concentrate fully on her food, for example.

Not only does the pump fit better to herself and her lifestyle, its small size and beautiful design made it a no-brainer for her to decide to go with the YpsoPump. The pump doesn’t interfere in everyday life and gains no attention whatsoever. The pump can be easily stowed on the body, whether in the trouser pocket or in the clip on the waistband.

Her daily management of diabetes is published on her Instagram account, where she posts daily about her experiences. Her community is growing steadily and she enjoys being a part of it:

“The people who read my blog inspire me the most. People who look at it, comment and interact with me. It is a great pleasure to exchange thoughts and to connect with people who go through the same as myself. This motivates me to continue blogging and to keep interacting with the community."

Charlis Instagram account

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