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For many people, the day they are diagnosed with diabetes is a day they will never forget. Around 537 million people worldwide are living with diabetes today. However, many of them do not have access to diabetes treatment. By participating in World Diabetes Day, we want to set an example for people with diabetes.

World Diabetes Day 2022 - Access to diabetes care

In many countries around the world, diabetics have no access to doctors or medication. This means a lot of suffering for those affected, because people with diabetes need continuous care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications. On World Diabetes Day, we want to draw attention to the need for access to quality diabetes education for sufferers worldwide.

Our contribution to diabetes treatment

Diabetes treatment has made great progress in recent years: with our products, we help people with diabetes to manage their therapy successfully. Today, automated insulin delivery by means of an algorithm is already available. Our modern solutions help users of our insulin pump to better control their blood glucose levels with the help of continuous glucose measurement and a self-learning algorithm on their smartphone.

In the coming years, we aim to further simplify access to treatment options or make it possible in the first place - and thus drastically reduce the number of people who cannot benefit from any treatment. We believe that self-treatment should become a matter of course globally. In this way, we not only help people with diabetes to improve their quality of life, but also contribute to relieving the burden on the healthcare system.

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