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Emmie’s experience with adaptive automated insulin delivery

After trying various therapy options, Emmie met with our mylife team to discuss a possible switch to mylife Loop: as one of the only licensed loop systems available for children. In just a couple of weeks Emmie and her family have already started to see a positive change to their lives.

Emmie was only 14 months old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Family life was turned upside down, Emmie needed several daily injections and her parents had to learn to carb count quickly. After trying out a do-it-yourself loop approach, mylife Loop arrived just in time for the family to improve everybody’s quality of life. After discussions with Emmies diabetes team, Emmie was able to switch her therapy to mylife Loop.

When looking back on the beginning of Emmie’s diabetes therapy, Emmie’s parents couldn’t be happier about the outcome:

We are so thankful how the whole situation with our daughter has played out. We’re amazed with the results that mylife Loop is giving within such a short period of time by only inputting total daily dose, weight and carb ratios. The system is constantly adjusting the insulin being delivered by the pump keeping Emmie in the desired range.

From now on, Emmie's parents were able to sleep through the night: every time the glucose levels rise the system adjusts accordingly to keep her in range. In the future, this will also allow Emmie to start having sleepovers at friends and family:

The app is so easy to use we’re looking forward to teaching our family and friends how to use it so Emmie can finally start having sleepovers at her friends and her grandparents.

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* Approved for people with type 1 diabetes as of two years in combination with Dexcom G6 and four years in combination with FreeStyle Libre 3.

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