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Why users can rely on the mylife YpsoPump

Since 2016, the mylife YpsoPump has been manufactured at our production site in the canton of Berne – with some important steps in the assembly of the pump being carried out by hand. With our easy-to-use and very intuitive insulin pump system, we help people with diabetes to make therapy management more and more of a secondary matter. Behind our insulin pump are (not only) machines, but also people who manufacture our pumps with high concentration and precision every day.

laurajanebull (left) and diabeteswelt_lipaktiv (right) with our Vesna who produced her pump.

A well-rehearsed team meets shortly before the beginning of the shift at the mylife YpsoPump production facility in Burgdorf. The shift supervisor briefly discusses the situation with his employees and the shift can begin. With a lot of skill and concentration, our employees assemble the various components of the insulin pump. Part of this team is also Vesna, who has been working at Ypsomed for over 20 years and ensures that our requirements for the quality of the mylife YpsoPump are met.

From people for people

Several steps are needed for the production. Up to three employees work on it at the same time and are each responsible for one step:

"We are a well-coordinated team and have known each other for more than ten years. Everyone knows what needs to be done, has the necessary concentration and intuition and has the technical knowledge to produce the pumps flawlessly. We do our best every day to get the different production steps right. Quality is the most important thing for us, it's primarily about quality and then quantity. After all, we want to simplify life for people with diabetes here, and for that the users must be able to fully rely on their pump,"

Vesna continues.

At the International Blogger Event 2022, Vesna met two users of the mylife YpsoPump in person for the first time, whose pump she had manufactured herself:

"Until then, I had never spoken personally to anyone whose pump I had manufactured. Thanks to the serial numbers, we were able to trace the pump and then found out that I had made the pump. That was a very nice moment and confirmed to me how important our work is."

With the mylife Loop launched last year, demand for the pump has continued to grow. We are proud to make self-treatment a matter of course with our products.

Nos employés au travail en production
La fabrication de la pompe mylife YpsoPump demande la plus grande concentration.
Plusieurs étapes sont nécessaire à la fabrication de la pompe mylife Ypsopump.
La pompe mylife YpsoPump en ses différents composants.