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How Ross increased his quality of life with the YpsoPump

Ross is 25 years old, Scottish and living in Northern Ireland. He has been an YpsoPump user for over a year now. He likes its simplicity and possibility to forget about diabetes and focus on the good things in life – The YpsoPump fits perfectly with his busy schedule.

From the moment Ross was diagnosed with diabetes, he has researched insulin pumps and wanted one from day one. He started his therapy with multiple daily injections (MDI) – but quickly realised an insulin pump was more suited to his lifestyle. Not only did he want to take control over his therapy, he also wanted to take back control over his life. After two years of MDI he was able to switch to an insulin pump which enables a discreet and easy diabetes therapy – our mylife YpsoPump.

“Whether I'm standing by the coffee machine at work, or on top of a mountain, the YpsoPump menus are incredibly easy to navigate and are super intuitive.”

Another feature he loves about the YpsoPump is its size. It's really small and discreet, and it's easy to just slip in your pocket and forget about it and get on with your day. Increase or decrease your basal rates – handle your schedule, focus on the essentials and enjoy life – with the mylife YpsoPump.