Coronavirus related information

Dear customers, partners and authorities, on this webpage, we are giving you regular updates on our supply situation related to the coronavirus. Please rest assured that it is our top priority to ensure that we can continue to supply people with diabetes with our mylife Diabetescare products.

We know that the diabetes products are of vital importance to our customers. That is why, we will do everything in our power to ensure product availability.

Ypsomed’s global supply situation

We currently do not have any shortage on Ypsomed Diabetescare products.

  • The mylife YpsoPump insulin pumps and mylife YpsoPump Reservoirs are manufactured in Switzerland and there is no supply issue.
  • The mylife Orbit infusion sets are manufactured in Mexico and the production is running. Additionally, we have enough stock in our European warehouse.
  • Our mylife Clickfine, mylife Penfine Classic, mylife Optifine and mylife AutoProtect Pen Needles are produced in Switzerland without manufacturing or supply issues.
  • The mylife Unio, mylife Unio Neva, mylife Unio Cara and mylife Pura Glucose monitoring supply from our manufacturer in Taiwan is fully operational. We hold sufficient inventory of all our products in our warehouse.
  • mylife Lancets, mylife SafetyLancets, mylife Softlance and mylife Autolance are manufactured in China. We have enough stock at our warehouse to supply for the next 5 months.

We are glad to confirm full product availability.

We are constantly monitoring our supply situation and will let you know as soon as possible should the supply status of a product change.

mylife Diabetescare supply dashboard

Last update: July 16th, 2021

Please note: We assess our stock inventory and supply situation twice a week (Monday and Thursday) and update our supply dashboard accordingly. Should the supply situation remain unchanged to the previous update, the indicated date remains valid.

Product Production Stock situation
mylife Clickfine DiamondTip
mylife Penfine Classic
mylife Clickfine AutoProtect
mylife Optifine
mylife Pura, mylife Unio Neva
mylife Unio Cara (Devices only)
mylife Aveo
mylife Pura and mylife Unio Strips
mylife Lancets
mylife Safety Lancets
mylife AutoLance
mylife YpsoPump
mylife YpsoPump Orbit
mylife YpsoPump Reservoir
mylife Orbit
mylife Orbit Inserter


Supply fully ensured
Supply critical
Supply interrupted

Our colleagues at the Mexican manufacturing site are committed to support you. The production is fully operational and running at full capacity.
We are aware that infusion sets are a crucial part of your insulin pump therapy. At our manufacturing partner in Mexico, production is fully operational with more stock of supplies ready to be sent to us.
Our fully automated pen needle packaging production is running without any delays or interruptions. All promised deliveries are guaranteed.
Fresh out of production! Our pen needles are ready for shipping.
At our mylife YpsoPump production site, we keep up our extremely precise work and guarantee best swiss made quality in our insulin pump.

Remote therapy support

Share your diabetes therapy data with your healthcare professional without the need of an on-site appointment, staying safely at home.

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