mylife Software 2.0 will no longer support the data import from mylife OmniPod

In June 2018, Ypsomed and Insulet ended their distribution relationship for the mylife OmniPod. Nonetheless it has still been possible to import data from a mylife OmniPod into the mylife Software / mylife Cloud until now. This transition period will come to an end with the release of the new version of the mylife Software and mylife Cloud. The mylife Software 2.0 will no longer support the data import from a mylife OmniPod. The mylife software with version 2.0 will be available from February 2023 (both online and on Windows). Users of the mylife software on Windows will be informed of the update option. For users of the online version, data import from a mylife OmniPod will no longer be possible from this date.

What will happen to existing mylife OmniPod data in the mylife Software and/or mylife Cloud?

Although you will not be able to import new data from a mylife OmniPod into the mylife Software 2.0 and/or mylife Cloud 2.0, all your data that you had imported before this point in time will still be accessible. You can review them in the updated 2.0 versions. Note that patients using the mylife Cloud of course have the right and possibility to delete their data at any point in time.

As a person with diabetes, is there a possibility for me to continue using the mylife Software and/or mylife Cloud in connection with my mylife OmniPod?

Ypsomed will only be able to offer very limited customer support to patients in this regard.

You would like to go on using our mylife Software? Why not try out our small and intuitive mylife YpsoPump insulin pump with which you can import data into the mylife Software and/or mylife Cloud! In connection with the mylife YpsoPump you can also benefit from the mylife App to review all your relevant therapy data and use the app for the calculation of your bolus suggestions.

If you are interested in our mylife YpsoPump, please contact our customer service. We are looking forward to your call or email.

As a healthcare professional, how can I continue to use older versions than 2.0 of the mylife Software to be able to import mylife OmniPod?

Installed, elder versions of the mylife Software up to version 1.5.8 continue to support the import of mylife OmniPod insulin pumps. Until further notice, Ypsomed will continue to offer customer support to healthcare professionals for those elder versions. Important: this customer support is only applicable to mylife Software versions that are locally installed on a Windows PC.

The mylife Cloud will be updated to the version 2.0. Healthcare professionals exlusively using the mylife Cloud are advised to change to the local installation of the mylife Software with version 1.5.8. Important: any locally installed mylife Software 1.5.x version is able to synchronise with the updated mylife Cloud 2.0.