Features and functions of the mylife App

Basic therapy management

  • Home screen with latest therapy data at a glance including blood glucose, bolus insulin, basal rate and insulin on board
  • Two therapy modes: pump therapy and pen therapy
  • Simple, wireless data transfer from mylife YpsoPump and selected mylife blood glucose meters
  • Integrated and easy-to-use bolus suggestion calculator with insulin on board function
  • Choice between two bolus calculation methods
  • Therapy logbook
  • Basic statistics for blood glucose and insulin consumption
  • Export of PDF and CSV reports
  • Optional data synchronisation with the mylife Cloud
  • Widget / Quick glance support

Remote bolus delivery (as of version 2.0)

  • Remote bolus delivery from your smartphone on the mylife YpsoPump
  • Bolus delivery for standard, extended and combination bolus types
  • Bolus delivery with and without prior use of the app-based bolus suggestion calculator

This feature require the mylife YpsoPump software version V05.00.XX or higher

App-based CGM integration (as of version 1.8)1

  • Connectivity with the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System
  • Direct use of CGM (glucose) values for convenient bolus suggestion calculation
  • Display of current sensor reading, glucose trend and up to 24 hours of historical CGM values
  • Alerts in case of high or low glucose levels
  • Onboarding of sensor and transmitter within the app
  • Data upload to Dexcom CLARITY
  • Wide range of compatible smartphones
  • Apple Watch support


Dexcom and Dexcom G6 are registered trademarks of Dexcom, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

1  Feature available as of mylife App version 1.8. The access to CGM functionality is country-dependent.

For safety information on mentioned products, see mylife-diabetescare.com/safety