The company behind mylife Diabetescare is Ypsomed, a Swiss-based medical device company that is sensitive to the physical and emotional challenges that people with diabetes face in their everyday lives. Under the name of Disetronic, Ypsomed manufactured and marketed its first insulin pump more than 30 years ago. We now bring you the mylife OmniPod tubing free insulin patch pump.

Customer Care

In case questions may arise, answers can be found in our support materials, online or our Customer Care Centres will gladly assist you.


If a PDM breaks or malfunctions due to a technical error, the Customer Care Centre will endeavour to replace the PDM in a short period of time.

OmniPod is a registered trademark of Insulet Corporation.


The Customer Care is available 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week to assist you in critical situations.

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