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Ypsomed has entered into a cooperation with CamDiab Ltd. to further simplify your diabetes therapy. CamDiab Ltd. is the developer of CamAPS FX, an easy to set up and use app which works seamlessly with your Dexcom G6 sensor and your mylife YpsoPump insulin pump. Thanks to the upcoming integration of automated insulin delivery into the mylife YpsoPump system, you will be afforded more time away from your diabetes, and more spontaneity in your daily life. This easy-to-use loop solution will be launched for the mylife YpsoPump system, starting in selected countries and followed by other Ypsomed territories in the course of the year.

Simple and discreet therapy management – with mylife Loop<sup>1</sup>.
Simple and discreet therapy management – with mylife Loop1.

Our mylife Loop Program is progressing and we are proud to present our next step called mylife Loop1: the mylife CamAPS FX Android mobile application is compatible with the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System and is the first CE-marked algorithm on a mobile app. By connecting the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump to the mylife CamAPS FX Android mobile application you will have access to algorithm-based insulin delivery including bolus from your personal smartphone. The easy-to-use user interface ensures discreet everyday use and improved therapy outcomes.

How does mylife CamAPS FX work?

The adaptive, hybrid closed-loop solution enables users of the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump to better manage their glucose levels and to benefit from a uniquely adapting and responsive control algorithm running on a smartphone. It automatically adjusts insulin delivery on the insulin pump based on Dexcom G6 sensor glucose readings.

The app is available for use in Europe, approved for ages one year and older including pregnancy. For increased privacy and convenience, users are able to deliver a meal-time bolus directly from their personal smartphone. The mylife CamAPS FX Android mobile application is personalised and constantly learns and quickly adapts to ever changing insulin needs. It adjusts to diurnal and day-to-day variations in insulin requirements and compensates for over- and under-dosing of the mealtime bolus. If you consistently over- or underestimate carbohydrates, the algorithm adjusts insulin delivery accordingly to prevent low and high glucose levels. This enables a safe and efficient use in all life circumstances including pregnancy. With this automated insulin delivery system, you have less work and interactions with the insulin pump, resulting in more freedom in everyday life, encouraged adherence and better quality of life.

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