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Oisin’s Story with the mylife YpsoPump

Oisin Campbell is 16 years old and has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was nine years old – and has been using the mylife YpsoPump for 4 years. In June 2022 he became the first child in Northern Ireland to use our adaptive automated insulin delivery system, mylife Loop.

Oisin, United Kingdom’s first mylife Loop user
The best thing for me was finally getting a full night’s sleep.

In the beginning of his diabetes therapy, Oisin injected insulin several times a day with an insulin pen before he moved on to the mylife YpsoPump. Now a teenager, Oisin struggled to keep his blood sugar in range, especially through the night.  He desperately waited for the possibility to loop and right on time for his birthday, mylife Loop and the mylife CamAPS FX system was launched in the UK.

I love how small the mylife YpsoPump is and I can hide it if I choose to. I also like how comfortable and easy the infusion set change is and the pre-filled pump cart is really handy. I really appreciate how the apps algorithm started to recognise the patterns in my blood sugar and works to keep me in range – but the best thing for me was finally getting a full night’s sleep.

says Oisin about his decision to choose the mylife YpsoPump with mylife Loop.

Oisin is not only the first person to use mylife Loop in Northern Ireland – he also was the first person to use our mylife YpsoPump in the country back in 2017. Being on a closed loop system was something that Oisin always hoped for regarding his diabetes therapy and he is so excited to be the first person to discover what the mylife CamAPS FX system has to offer.

CamAPS is a registered trademark of CamDiab Ltd.

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