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mylife KIDS brochure with explanations and tips

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, their life and the life of their family changes significantly all of a sudden. This can be scary for a child. It is therefore crucial that the meaning of diabetes is explained to the child in an easily understandable way. 

Type 1 diabetes is one of the most common metabolic diseases among children. The cause of the underlying autoimmune disease is still unclear. Studies suggest that there is a genetic predisposition and that environmental impacts are also involved, but it is not classified as a genetic disease and not caused by non-optimal nutrition.

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, this has a huge effect on their life and the life of their family. To be able to deal with this new situation and to support their child as much as possible, families inform themselves in detail about diabetes.

A mother with a child
The diagnosis of a child with diabetes is life-changing for the whole family.

Familiarising children with diabetes

Adults and teenagers can inform themselves. Children, however, rely completely on adults, for example their parents or healthcare professional, to take enough time to explain them everything in a child-friendly way. They depend on a simple and understandable explanation of what is going on in their body.

Simple explanations in mylife KIDS brochure

We have therefore developed a brochure especially for children. The goal of our mylife KIDS brochure is not only to explain diabetes to children, but also to take away their fear of it. That is why, it introduces the topic of diabetes in a very joyful and playful manner. In the mylife KIDS brochure, four colourful figures, called Mylo, Sophie, Gluco and Insulina, accompany the young readers throughout all pages with speech bubbles in a comic-like style.

The funny figures in the mylife KIDS brochure explain:

  • what diabetes is,
  • how diabetes can be treated with an insulin pump,
  • how blood glucose is monitored,
  • and how diabetes affects diet.

Focusing on insulin pump therapy

The brochure focuses on explaining the insulin pump therapy (instead of the pen therapy), as the pump therapy has many advantages for children with type 1 diabetes.

The advantages of a pump therapy for children are among others:

  • Permanent supply of basic amount of insulin (basal rate)
  • Release of bolus in a discreet and convenient way
  • No need for numerous needle injections per day

Our mylife YpsoPump insulin pump is especially suitable for children because it is easy to learn and intuitive to use.1

The mylife KIDS brochure also gives practical tips for everyday situations that pose a challenge for children with diabetes such as birthday parties or sport lessons. The children have also the opportunity to write down their own experience in the brochure.

Popular mylife KIDS brochure figures

The four heroes that guide the children through our brochure already have a fan club. Watch this video and see for yourself how they were honoured by someone who is preparing a lunch box for a child with lots of love and creativity.      

Bento Box Movie

Download your mylife KIDS brochure right now and also become a fan of Mylo, Sophie, Gluco and Insulina.

More information:

1 Scientific publication of the mylife YpsoPump home use study results: D. Waldenmaier, G. Freckmann et al., First User Experiences With a Novel Touchscreen-Based Insulin Pump System in Daily Life, 2018 JDST Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 1-7, doi: 10.1177/1932296818785386.

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