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Chasing your dreams by controlling glucose levels

Dr. Aanchal Sikka Rajan from Jalandhar, India, has been living with diabetes for 17 years. On her way to become a doctor she had to learn to inject insulin on her own and dealt with high blood sugar quite frequently. The mylife YpsoPump helped her to get more flexibility when controlling the glucose levels – and in her diabetes treatment in general.

The first years of Dr. Aanchal Sikka Rajan’s diabetes therapy were marked by multiple daily injections. Eventually, thanks to the support of her family and her endocrinologist, life with type 1 diabetes got better. To further give her more flexibility and freedom in her diabetes therapy, especially during college, she decided to go with the mylife YpsoPump:

“In medical college, my blood sugar was messed up most of the time. After switching to the mylife YpsoPump, I was able to control my sugar levels even during busy schedules. I also really like the extended bolus and increase/decrease feature of it”, she says about the mylife YpsoPump.

It was important for her to never give up and chase her dreams, no matter what. Diabetes could not stand in the way of becoming what she has always wanted to become: “type 1 diabetes does not describe who I am. Always go for your dreams. If you are determined, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals in life.”

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