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Annie was three years old when she was diagnosed with diabetes. At first, her parents were afraid of the future: Annie’s blood sugars were unpredictable, resulting in broken nights and constant communication with her school in order to ensure that she was kept safe and well. It all changed when the mylife Loop was offered to the family.

From now on, Annie’s blood sugars are in range and she needs little to no corrections throughout the day. She doesn’t have to inject insulin multiple times a day and she likes to style her YpsoPump with different wallets and pouches.

“We highly recommend the mylife Loop, it’s an absolute game changer. We were very scared when she was diagnosed and couldn’t picture a two-year-old handling multiple daily injections. But she was so brave and we made it clear as a family we want her to live her life unrestricted by her condition. Thanks to the mylife YpsoPump, Annie is able to do that and continues to enjoy rainbows, dance classes and swimming lessons”, say her parents. We want to thank the mylife team for their great support and training we have received from them.”

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