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Seeing a reward with mylife Loop

Eli Wilde has been living with diabetes since he was eight years old. He needed to inject insulin up to eight times a day. At first, he and his family were scared about the future. But thanks to our mylife Loop system Eli is now on track to have more independence and to be a fit and healthy 11-year-old child.

After attending a seminar where several products were presented, Eli and his mum knew that the mylife Loop system was the right product for his future diabetes treatment:

“We’re very thankful to now be able to use the mylife Loop system from mylife Diabetescare. Eli doesn’t have to inject on a daily basis anymore, which offers him great freedom in his everyday life”, says his dad about the new treatment.

“The hypers are being corrected automatically and we are not missing them while sleeping, which is also a blessing. Research all about the mylife loop, if you are willing to put the hard work in, you will see the rewards. We are in the early stages and are still learning, but we made the right decision to trial it.”

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