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  • Modern blood glucose monitoring system for intuitive operation
  • Side-loading test strip for hygienic strip removal without blood contact
  • Solid test strip design with good grip for easy handling
  • Ultra-compact design for more discreetness
  • Comfortable blood sampling with the automatic load and release function of mylife AutoLance

mylife Unio Inspired by users – designed for you

We asked diabetes patients what they consider to be the ideal blood glucose meter. Based on their requests and suggestions, we developed mylife Unio – a patient focused blood glucose monitoring system that meets user requirements. Inspired by users – designed for you.

Every detail is tailored to the demands of diabetes patients: a discreet and high quality blood glucose meter with an intuitive operation and a hygienic test strip handling, a lancing device with humane blood sampling – all combined in a compact and practical case. This makes mylife Unio the optimal companion every day, whether your patients are at home, at work or on-the-go.

The user feedback of an ongoing survey1 of more than 740 patients show that we meet user needs: The overall satisfaction with mylife Unio achieves 97 %. More than 93 % of those polled rate the application of the blood sample and the size of the meter of mylife Unio as "very good" or "good", the design of the meter and its reliability reach 98 % of confidence. About 93 % of the patients evaluate the almost painless pricking of the mylife AutoLance as "very good" or "good".

mylife Unio Technology in a compact format

mylife Unio blood glucose meter

  • Modern design, small and handy
  • Easy-to-read menu-based LCD display with intuitive operation
  • Displays available in different languages
  • Fast and accurate2 results
  • Mini-USB: Simple plug & play diabetes software (mylife Software, Diabass, SiDiary, diasend)
  • Alarm functions: 4 daily alarms
  • Event markers: up to 4 markers can be selected for each measurement and be edited subsequently

mylife AutoLance lancing device

  • Automatic load and release function in one step
  • Automatic pressure control to produce steady pricking pressure and thus ensures almost painless blood sampling
  • Safety button prevents unintentional release
  • 7 variable puncture depths
  • Practical bayonet lock and stop function for easy lancet replacement
  • Simple exchange of lancet through twisting off the cap of the mylife AutoLance
  • AST cap available for alternative test sites

mylife Unio test strip

  • High precision and accuracy with GDH-FAD enzyme2,3
  • Autocoding
  • Interference-free measurements with High Definition Signal Transmission (HDST)
  • Large and solid test strip
  • Test strip removal without blood contact
  • Easy taking of test strips from compact vial
Measurement straight from mylife SmartCase

Easy and discreet in any situation

With its innovative on-the-go concept, mylife Unio goes a step further. You will experience fast and discreet measurements straight from the mylife SmartCase, which is available as an accessory. The individual components do not need to be removed and laid out to measure the blood glucose level.

It’s so easy to perform a check with the mylife SmartCase that it can be done on-the-go. The convenient and compact mylife Unio is by your side all day long and you can be assured of absolute discreetness – no matter where you happen to be.

  • Compact integration of all components
  • Discreet appearance without attracting attention
  • Spare lancets compartment
  • Easy disposal of used test strips
unio smartcase RD
mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolor
Lancets Multicolor

Sterile disposable lancets for effective and comfortable capillary blood sampling

The mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolor quality lancets are designed to make blood sampling easier and more comfortable. An electro-polished tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a smooth and sharp finish to obtain optimum blood samples with maximum comfort.

  • Virtually pain free: The tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a gentle collection of the blood sample.
  • Exposed Needle Length: The needle is perfectly positioned to ensure consistent needle concentricity and an exposed needle length.
  • Optimised safety: No LDPE (low density polyethylene) material remains on the needle tip after removing lancing cap.
  • High quality lancets for everyday use
  • Optimum blood flow
  • Makes blood sampling easier and more comfortable
  • Needle diameter 30G
  • Designed for use with mylife Aveo lancing device, mylife AutoLance, mylife Softlance and most other sampling devices
  • mylife Lancets multicolor: same function as mylife Lancets standard, but available in seven different colors

Consult the mylife Lancets factsheet

1 Survey Ypsomed GmbH, Patients using mylife Unio, Germany, 03.2016. Data on file.
2  IDT Ulm: System accuracy evaluation of mylife Unio blood glucose monitoring system based on ISO 15197:2013 versus Cobas Integra 400 plus. Institute for Diabetes-Technology Research and Development Corporation at the University of Ulm, Principal Investigator: N. Jendrike, 08.2016.

3 Bionime Corporation: Test Report for the Evaluation of Precision (ISO 15197:2013), Model GM720 (mylife Unio) and Strip GS720 (mylife Unio), Taichung, Taiwan, 10.2015. 
Disclaimer: The third-party trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners

Measurement with mylife Unio High measurement convenience

Application Unio – Removing the test strip
Removing the test strip

Take the large and solid test strip out of its vial and close the box again.

Application Unio – Inserting Test Strip
Inserting test strip

The device activates automatically and recognises the strip code (Autocoding).

Application Unio – Extracting blood
Extracting blood

Holding down the safety button, gently push against the fingertip. Precise and almost painless lancing thanks to the automatic load and release function.

Application Unio – Applying blood
Applying blood

Apply the blood from above onto the test strip. The channel absorbs the blood sample while the blood sample window on the test strip shows the filling level.

Application Unio – Reading the measurement
Reading the measurement

Read the measurement on the LCD display and set markers.

Application Unio – Test strip removal without blood contact
Test strip removal without blood contact

Remove the strip and dispose.

Consult instructions for use

The evaluation of user-friendliness was conducted by 85 users following a two-week test phase with mylife Unio. The users were satisfied with the user-friendliness of mylife Unio and gave it a positive assessment all round. People with diabetes assess mylife Unio as being user-friendly and easy to operate.¹

1 SKUP Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for primary health care. Report from the evaluation SKUP/2013/100,

mylife Unio – USB-Port

The mylife Unio is compatible with several independent data management programs. Communication and follow-up with your patients is just like you are used to: with easy-to-configure and clearly displayed overviews for patient education.

The mylife Unio blood glucose meter has a real USB port and is compatible with different softwares. Because of the USB plug and play function you just need a conventional mini-USB-cable to manage your data transfer.

Following diabetes managment software products are compatible with mylife Unio:

mylife Software

mylife Software is a therapy management solution designed to adapt to an on-the-go lifestyle. It has an intuitive and user-friendly design for ease of use, trend reports and meaningful statistics for a better overview and is compatible with all the mylife Diabetescare devices, such as mylife Unio, mylife YpsoPump, mylife Pura and mylife Pura X blood glucose meters and a range of other devices for more flexibility. mylife Software allows a versatile data transfer for analysis. Download the mylife Software at

Disclaimer: The third-party trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

Competitive product features
  • TechnologyElectrochemical: GDH-FAD
  • Haematocrit range20 – 70 % when blood glucose ≤ 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L)
    20 – 60 % when blood glucose > 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L)
  • CalibrationPlasma
  • SampleCapillary, venous and arterial whole blood
  • Blood volume / Measurement time0.7 μL / 5 seconds
  • Memory1000 measurements
  • Measurement range10 – 600 mg/dL (0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L)
  • Measurement temperature6 – 44 ° C
  • PC connectionVia USB (mini-USB connection)
  • PC softwareData can be transferred to mylife Software, Diabass®, SiDiary and diasend®
  • Screen and operationLCD screen with multilingual menu navigation. Simple and intuitive with helpful symbols
  • IlluminationIlluminated screen for good readability day and night
  • Error messagesError message with symbols and suggestion for correcting the error
  • Alarm functions4 alarms with possible repeat function
  • Event markersMarkers for preprandial and postprandial, sport, illness, special. Up to 4 markers for each measurement result
  • Power supply2 CR2032 coin cell batteries (about 600 measurements)
  • Lancing devicemylife AutoLance with automatic load and release function

Disclaimer: The third-party trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners.


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