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In India, not all people can afford treatment of diabetes. That is why mylife Diabetescare is now supporting 15 girls with type 1 diabetes: until they reach the age of 21, we offer them diabetes therapy material and medical support.

Eine Frau und ein Mann mit ihrem Kind, das sich auf den Schultern des Mannes befindet und lacht.
We support children and adolsescents with type 1 diabetes in India

Ypsomed’s mission is to take a little bit of the burden off people with chronic conditions by simpler and easier selfcare – all around the world. Under the leadership of Dr K Swaminathan, an endocrinologist, we help the young girls aged 5 to 16 from economically weaker families, and give them physical, mental and social support. This does not only include our mylife Diabetescare products and insulin but also the supervision and free consultation of Dr K Swaminathan and team of Idhayangal Charitable Trust, which includes diabetes educators and nutritionists.

This step is taken with the mindset that we stand for what we do and what we offer for people with diabetes,

says Sanjay Rajpal, General Manager of Ypsomed India.

We are more than happy to help these girls; they will get their supply of products every month and a doctor's consultation every three months,

Sanjay Rajpal continues.

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