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World Diabetes Month 2023

Around 537 million people worldwide are living with diabetes today. At Ypsomed, our dedication to improving the lives of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions goes beyond World Diabetes Month – it is a year-round commitment.

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We help people with diabetes to live a happy life

To start off World Diabetes Month, we are celebrating a great anniversary: it was over 100 years ago, in 1923, mass production of insulin began. Two years before, scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best, alongside their collaborators, successfully isolated and purified insulin at the University of Toronto. This breakthrough marked a turning point in the management of diabetes, providing a lifesaver to millions of people worldwide.

Ypsomed's contribution to diabetes treatment

In the early 1920s, diabetes therapy was still a real torture: over time, however, there was great progress in the development of tools for insulin delivery. Ypsomed was a leader in research and development and the first company to introduce a micro-insulin pump on the market in 1985. Highly developed technology and advancing digitalization make it possible to facilitate and improve diabetes therapy and thus achieve a high degree of flexibility in everyday life.

Our dedication to diabetes care is not limited to World Diabetes Month or the World Diabetes Day (WDD)  on 14 November, but is a daily commitment to making a difference in the lives of those living with chronic conditions.

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