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Some people proudly display their insulin pump, while others prefer to hide it. Either way, people with diabetes need to keep their medical equipment with them at all times. So the challenge often arises of where and how to carry all the diabetes paraphernalia inconspicuously when they would like to conceal it. 


A person wearing an insulin pump
The mylife YpsoPump can be easily worn on the waistband.

After an initial familiarization phase, people with diabetes usually get used to having the small, but nevertheless so important helper within reach and connected to the body by a thin tube. Thanks to different lengths of the tube, there are almost no limits to the personal «favorite place». 

In the cold season, it is obvious to carry the pump in your pocket. A 360-degree clip can be easily attached to the waistband and remains hidden under clothing. Similarly, silicone covers are available in both subtle and bright colors and provide additional protection for the pump. 

Abdominal belts designed specifically for insulin pumps allow the device to disappear under a sweater if desired and are characterized by pleasant fabric and high wearing comfort. Belly pouches available on the market are also suitable, especially for active people and athletes.

In the warmer months, women can easily wear the pump on their bra in a small fabric pouch fitted with a clip – either in the middle or on the side. Leg straps, similar to waist straps, prove convenient when tight clothing is worn and you want to show off your figure rather than your pump.

Some clothes naturally have practical pockets in which the insulin pump can be stowed safely and inconspicuously. Here, too, the helper becomes invisible and hides inconspicuously in the clothing. Last but not least, there is also underwear with an integrated pocket for the insulin pump: comfortable shorts for men, inconspicuous briefs for women or funny shirts for kids.

Accessories developed especially for people with diabetes – such as special clothing – are always tailored to the pumps and have been tried and tested, but are of course not mandatory. Especially because there are so many options for concealment.

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