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We celebrate 50 episodes of the Happy Moment Podcast

In October this year, we recorded the 50th episode of our Happy Moments Podcast. In 2021, the idea of a podcast came about, and we head a clear goal in mind: offer our help to the mylife Diabetescare community in India by bringing them together.

A women and a man look into the camera. Behind them is a big banner image.
mylife Diabetescare in India is celebrating 50 episodes of the Happy Moments Podcast

The concept of the Podcast was very clear from the beginning: in this podcast, we show how people with diabetes can live a simpler life from different perspectives. We look back on very interesting discussions with type 1 diabetics, parents, caregivers, endocrinologists, regulatory officials and leaders of social organisations. The diabetes community was delighted about our podcast, and we were able to spread awareness as well as happiness. The different stories from people who are affected or are dealing with diabetes every day attracted many listeners and we build up a platform for the community. We recorded over 4500 listeners and over 60 downloads per week – now we celebrate 50 episodes of the Happy Moments Podcast.

In the coming years, we look forward to welcoming experts and people from different walks of life to our podcast.

The Happy Moments Podcast

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