Introducing Transform 360TM

The educational programme designed to empower clinics in seamlessly integrating hybrid closed-loop therapy within the framework of the NICE guidelines. Join us in revolutionising patient care and embracing the future of diabetes management.

I have a greater understanding of how this system works and the session has increased my confidence.


The transformation journey to HCL excellence

Deliverable in individual modules or as a full course, our virtual CPD accredited programme delivers the educational requirements to help empower teams across the UK and the ROI.

  • Become hybrid closed loop experts.
  • Improve therapy outcomes and quality of life for your patients.
  • Implement the NICE TA in your centre.

Module Overview

  1. Introduction to hybrid closed loop- become an expert in the basics.
  2. mylife Loop powered by CamAPS FX - deep dive into mylife Loop itself and its key differentiators.
  3. Reading and interpreting Glooko - learn how to analyse data and make trend-based decisions.
  4. Optimisation for best outcomes - maximise the system to improve therapy and QOL for your patients.

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The session was clear and thorough, I would like to attend similar sessions in the future.

Endocrine & Diabetes trainee

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Introduction to Hybrid Closed Loop
Glooko overview for mylife Loop
mylife Loop powered by mylife CamAPS FX
mylife Loop Optimisation