Why Roddy decided to use the YpsoPump

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Roddy is a type 1 diabetic and has been a mylife YpsoPump user for two years after swapping from another insulin pump. See how Roddy explains why choosing our mylife YpsoPump was a life-changer.

How Ross increased his quality of life with the YpsoPump

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Ross is 25 years old, Scottish and living in Northern Ireland. He has been an YpsoPump user for over a year now. He likes its simplicity and possibility to forget about diabetes and focus on the good things in life – The YpsoPump fits perfectly with his busy schedule.

Exercise and diabetes

What you should pay attention to when doing sports

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In the summer, when the days are long and warm, even those who normally do not like sports are drawn outside. Outdoor exercise improves everyones state of health, regardless of whether or not you have diabetes. What effects does sport have on glucose levels and what should you pay attention to?

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Always keep hypo treats close at hand

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People with diabetes who are treated with antidiabetics or insulin are at risk of too low blood glucose levels. This is known as hypoglycaemia and can have serious consequences. If you take medication for diabetes, it is therefore of crucial importance to always take fast-acting sugar, so-called hypo treats, with you and have them ready to hand at all times.