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Getting to know the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump interactively

For people with diabetes, making the change from MDI (multiple daily injections) to an insulin pump is a crucial decision that needs careful consideration. Swapping from one pump model to another is also a big step. It is therefore of great importance to get to know the pump you are interested in as well as possible beforehand. With the YpsoPump Explorer app, we offer you the opportunity to try out and interact with the mylife YpsoPump.

YpsoPump Explorer app
With the YpsoPump Explorer app, you get the chance to explore the mylife YpsoPump interactively.

Do you want to get a feel for the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump, however, you are not ready yet to try out the real one for a trial period? With our YpsoPump Explorer app, you now have the opportunity to experience the pump easily and conveniently on your mobile phone.

Virtual 3D insulin pump

You can discover the mylife YpsoPump with the 3D pump simulator included in the app. The simulator gives you a feeling for the small size of the mylife YpsoPump as it is displayed in its original size. 

With the pump simulator you can experience the following features virtually:

  • Try out all pump functions.
  • Rotate the pump model through 360°.
  • Get an explanation of all pump components and touchscreen icons.

Guided tours through the mylife YpsoPump’s functions

Apart from the 3D simulator, you can also discover the pump’s functions through virtual guided tours. These guided tours provide you with comprehensive step by step text and audio instructions of the pump’s features. You will get familiar with the intuitive functioning of the mylife YpsoPump. 

You can follow more than 10 different guided tours that cover functions such as:

  • delivering a bolus
  • programming the basal rates
  • changing the cartridge
  • changing the infusion set

Introduction into the mylife Digital therapy management

Additionally, the YpsoPump Explorer app gives you information about our mylife Digital therapy management, including the mylife App with its integrated bolus calculator. You can also learn about the mylife Software with which you can conveniently share your therapy data with your healthcare professional.

The app also includes an overview and explanation of all touchscreen icons as well as testimonials of mylife YpsoPump users.

The YpsoPump Explorer app is compatible with iOS and Android and free of charge. It is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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