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mylife Diabetescare remote sessions

A challenge we face today is how to continue offering therapy choices and service whilst the world is in lockdown. Diabetes is not something that goes into isolation, and therefore neither should we. That is why, we offer virtual product trainings.

As with everyone else, we are having to quickly adapt to the demands of our new socially distant operating environment. Diabetes product training has almost always been done face-to-face, but thanks to some excellent technology we can still support the users of our products.

Virtual mylife Diabetescare product training

In virtual product training, the following people sit together in completely different locations:

  • the (future) user of the mylife products
  • their healthcare professional
  • a representative of mylife Diabetescare

Our virtual training offer:

We give virtual sessions on the mylife YpsoPump and the mylife App. The training can be for basic or advanced level.

Successful mylife YpsoPump start

We have already done a few virtual training sessions, all of which were very successful. The video gives a snapshot of a virtual pump start we recently held with 10 year old Tianna. Tianna trailled the YpsoPump just before the Coronavirus outbreak and decided it was the right pump for her due to its size and intuitive use. No one wanted her to face another three months of injections, so we decided to create our virtual training programme.

Starting the mylife YpsoPump virtually Ypsomed offers virtual product trainings.

Despite everything being digital we were able to follow the same training standard procedures as we do in any other pump start meeting. Tianna left feeling confident, reassured and capable. Tianna has now been on mylife YpsoPump for one week and is doing excellently. Well done Tianna!

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