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Know that school lessons are going well. The new Companion remote monitoring function of mylife CamAPS FX makes this possible.

Parents of children with type 1 diabetes can now track their child's glucose and insulin data via mylife Loop. Companion remote monitoring is the new function of the mylife CamAPS FX app. It is integrated in the app and works flawlessly within mylife Loop.

Real-time diabetes information and alerts are essential to help manage high or low glucose levels, especially when your child is away from you.

Companion remote monitoring mirrors data from the user's mylife CamAPS FX app. Data is updated every minute (CGM data, insulin data, alerts) or every five minutes (other data) in the "companion's" mylife CamAPS FX app. As a "companion" you are able to set your own alarms and alerts independently of the user's settings. Internet connectivity is required to share data with "companions". Up to ten people can benefit from Companion remote monitoring and receive data from the user. The Companion remote monitoring offers parents and caregivers visibility and control over their child's glucose values regardless of whether they are at school, socialising or doing what they love.

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