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Craig was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012 and he describes his treatment as an act of balancing between physical and mental health, always being on top of his blood glucose levels and constantly adjusting his insulin delivery rates. He has been using mylife Loop for the last couple of months and he is grateful that the system takes away a huge amount of pressure by making all these decisions for him.

Craig is staying active and fit, with mylife Loop.

Craig’s diabetes management took an incredible amount of thinking, decision making and time. After many years of spending most of his energy for his diabetes treatment, Craig decided to switch to mylife Loop and try out automated insulin delivery:

 “mylife Loop takes a huge amount of pressure off mentally by making thousands of those diabetes-related decisions on my behalf every day without me having to constantly think about them. I’m also safe in the knowledge that the system is constantly learning and adapting, guiding me towards and keeping me within that magical non-diabetic blood glucose range”,

says Craig about using mylife Loop.

“Just the knowledge that I can go to sleep at night and know that the system is looking after me whilst I’m asleep is incredible. Waking up within non-diabetic range just makes that upcoming day so much easier from a type 1 diabetes point of view”,

he continues.

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