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Training, education, skills enhancement and empathy are the key pillars of type 1 diabetics and their families. Ypsomed India, under the umbrella of our mylife Academy, organised a session to bring parents of children with type 1 diabetes under one roof.

Sanjay Rajpal (third from left) and Vikas Mehra (fourth from left) during the event in India.

The event was hosted by Sanjay Rajpal, General Manager Ypsomed India, and trainer and skills coach Vikas Mehra: he is a father who lost his daughter Sana at the age of 16. He shared not only his lessons, experiences and learnings but also talked about the resilience of his daughter.

Reading, continuing being happy and maintaining self-care were the most suggested actions to the participating parents. Mr Mehra elaborated on the importance of following the protocol and monitoring the child’s situation continuously.

The feedback during the session was intense and many myths of parenting children with type 1 diabetes were broken. Some parents expressed that it is a “holy duty” and “sacred work”, that together with the help of mylife Diabetescare they are able to find happiness in their lives again. Others said that it is sometimes very exhausting and they asked Mr Vikas on how to keep themselves motivated. It is not easy for parents. They have to stick together as a family in order to help their children effectively.

We are thankful for the opportunity to bring parents of children with type 1 diabetes together. It is important that Ypsomed India creates an environment where we can talk about important topics and share experiences. Bringing people with diabetes together so they get all the information they need is a key goal for us. With our Happy Moments Podcasts and events like this we are on the right track,

says Sanjay Rajpal about the event.

The participants were happy about the opportunity to speak their minds and the session concluded in emotional comments,

he continues.

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