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Nina has been living with diabetes for four years. After injecting insulin several times a day, she switched to mylife Loop after six months. She likes the fact that she doesn’t have to take her pump out of her pouch anymore and can deliver a bolus directly from her smartphone.

Nina Burton standing in the doorway
Nina Burton enjoys the best possible freedom with mylife Loop.

“We would recommend looping to other families as we feel it is the most up to date technology giving us the most freedom possible while navigating a chronic condition like type 1 diabetes”, says Nina’s mum about using mylife Loop. “It has helped us get better control and less interruptions in our daily lives”, she continues.

Mum and Dad both use the app to keep an eye on Nina’s blood glucose levels during the day thanks to companion remote monitoring. With this, both parents are able to track her glucose and insulin data via mylife Loop. This is important, as Nina is a very active 11-year-old girl who likes playing netball after school and enjoys chatting with her friends.

The ease-off function comes in handy when the family goes on a long walk or Nina is out with her friends. The boost function is used for stubborn highs.

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