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Why Roddy decided to use the YpsoPump

Roddy is a type 1 diabetic and has been a mylife YpsoPump user for two years after swapping from another insulin pump. See how Roddy explains why choosing our mylife YpsoPump was a life-changer.

Roddy was reluctant to change his insulin pump, so when it was time, he took a while in choosing what he thought would tick all the boxes for him. He eventually decided on the mylife YpsoPump and the main reason was its size and incredibly impressive light weight.

“Handling my diabetes with the YpsoPump is so easy: the small and lightweight pump fits ideally into everyday life – it is discreet, light weight and you can focus on other things than your diabetes”.

What Roddy loves about the YpsoPump: The pre filled insulin cartridges and the very easy to use Orbit Inserter make site changes so easy and no longer feel like a chore. The 360° cannula has meant they no longer get ripped out, which used to happen quite often while he was out in the nature, running. He has now completely fallen in love with it and can’t believe he was reluctant to change, he literally can’t find a single thing he doesn’t like about his YpsoPump.

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