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Keeping blood sugar levels in the right range is a challenge for anyone living with type 1 diabetes. Understanding his own body and how it responds to different foods, activities and environments is important for Roddy to effectively control the condition. In addition to that, he is grateful for the mylife YpsoPump and how it helps him to have an easier life with diabetes.

Roddy with his mylife Loop system at his home.

Roddy likes cycling, walking in the highlands and being active in general. With the help of the mylife YpsoPump, he is able to focus on the things that he enjoys doing:

“I love the freedom of the new technology gives me and allows me to focus on the things that I enjoy – cycling and walking in the highlands, working in the family run business and spending time with my wife and children”, says Roddy about the mylife YpsoPump. Like a pancreas, my insulin pump continuously releases accurate amounts of rapid-acting insulin into my body to maintain a normal balance of blood sugar levels”, he continues.

Roddy also appreciates the delivery of more insulin to cover the carbohydrates in the food that he has consumed with just a few simple presses. Paired with the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring technology, the mylife YpsoPump gives him an overview of his glucose trends and patterns enabling him to tailor his dosages suited to his personal needs.

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