Emmie’s experience with adaptive automated insulin delivery

mylife Stories

After trying various therapy options, Emmie met with our mylife team to discuss a possible switch to mylife Loop: as one of the only licensed loop systems available for children. In just a couple of weeks Emmie and her family have already started to see a positive change to their lives.

Oisin’s Story with the mylife YpsoPump

mylife Stories

Oisin Campbell is 16 years old and has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was nine years old – and has been using the mylife YpsoPump for 4 years. In June 2022 he became the first child in Northern Ireland to use our adaptive automated insulin delivery system, mylife Loop.

Why Roddy decided to use the YpsoPump

mylife Stories

Roddy is a type 1 diabetic and has been a mylife YpsoPump user for two years after swapping from another insulin pump. See how Roddy explains why choosing our mylife YpsoPump was a life-changer.

Ypsomed has entered into a cooperation with CamDiab Ltd. to further simplify your diabetes therapy. CamDiab Ltd. is the developer of CamAPS FX, an easy to set up and use app which works seamlessly with your Dexcom G6 sensor and your mylife YpsoPump insulin pump. Thanks to the upcoming integration of automated insulin delivery (AID) into the mylife YpsoPump system, you will be afforded more time away from your diabetes, and more spontaneity in your daily life. This easy-to-use loop solution will be launched for the mylife YpsoPump system, starting in selected countries and followed by other Ypsomed territories in the course of the year.