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Ypsomed is excited to announce our new virtual learning series, ‘T1 Connects’. Join us via zoom to hear from a range of healthcare professionals, expert guest and member of the T1D community as they discuss various topics relevant to people living with Type 1 diabetes.

The sessions are free to attend. You can attend one or more sessions depending on what topics you’re interested in.

Once you register, we’ll email you a zoom link and joining us live on the day is as simple as clicking on the web-link we provide. You don’t have to have a zoom account.  If you’d just like to listen in and watch our presenters, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’d prefer a bit more of the community feel, then get in involved using the Chat function and feel free to ask questions via the Q&A button.

All sessions will typically run for about 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

Times and dates for the T1 Connects series, and the registration/recording link for each session are detailed below:

Episode 1 [2nd July]: Mind, Body and Type 1

Date & Time: Thursday, 2nd July at 19:00

Hosts: Alexandra Landsborough, Zara White

Speakers: Sara Lasker, Laura Jane Bull


Episode 2 [23rd July]: Sports and Exercise, Breaking down the Barriers

Date & Time: Thursday 23rd July at 19:00

Hosts: Alexandra Landsborough, Zara White

Speakers: Mel Stephenson-Gray, Paul Coker


Episode 3 [13th August]: The Type 1 on 1 Takeover

Date & Time: Thursday 13th August at 19:00

Host: Alexandra Landsborough, Jen Grieves

Speakers: Jen Grieves, Rory Douglas-Speed


Episode 4 [3rd September]: My Medtech & Me

Date & Time: Thursday 3rd September at 19:00

Hosts: Alexandra Landsborough, Zara White

Speakers: Dr Mark Evans, Craig Waugh, Ella Marsden


Episode 5 [7th October]: The YpsoPump Experience

Date & Time: Wednesday 7th October at 18:30

Gain an understanding of the YpsoPump System and our Virtual Explorer App Discover more about the YpsoPump as our panellists share their personal experiences.  What does the future hold? - We will discuss the exciting developments in store for YpsoPump users.

Our regular Q&A session.

Hosts: Alexandra Landsborough, Zara White

Speakers: Laura Jane Bull, Ross Thaw, Roddy Riddle, Sara Lasker


If you have any additional questions, please email us on We look forward to seeing you virtually & connecting with you online.

Your mylife Diabetescare Team

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