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The fear of electricity shortages this winter is high in Europe: In order to get through the cold season without energy shortages and to make our contribution to the community, we already began in the summer to examine where we can save energy in a sensible way and to what extent. Our Energy Task Force is continuously working on this topic. The first measures have already been implemented.

Voluntary measures to save energy

We are already implementing some simple but important measures to reduce our energy consumption. These include switching off the outside lights from 22.00 - 05.30 and the office lights every 15 minutes. Equipment that is not needed goes on standby after four hours or is switched off completely, and the temperatures of refrigerators are increased while heaters are reduced. Additional measures in production are being continuously clarified – we continue to work on possible improvements. Among other things, we have asked our employees in an internal survey what they think would be important to save energy.

We see the energy shortage as a challenge, but also as an opportunity, because our energy-saving measures are important steps towards getting closer to our ambitious long-term climate goals. As part of our Corporate Zero Programme, we are currently developing a CO2 reduction path with concrete reduction measures along our entire value chain.

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