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The story behind the brand

Ypsomed Diabetescare is evolving to change its brand name to mylife Diabetescare in Canada. With over 35 years of Swiss development experience behind mylife Diabetescare we are excited to align our Canadian business underneath this brand umbrella. Let us take a closer look at the mylife Diabetescare brand and what is means for you.

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mylife Diabetescare was founded in 2009 and represents Ypsomed's range of products and services for people living with diabetes. Our products incorporate the best of 35 years of Swiss medical technology. Years of working together with diabetes educators, nutritionists, pharmacists and endocrinologists, we offer products delivering reliable, simple self-treatment and enabling more freedom and flexibility for people living with diabetes.

Starting with our development team through to our teams in the field, Ypsomed is deeply focused on making diabetes therapy comfortable and convenient. We help to ensure that our product’s design and function operate easily so that people living with diabetes have more time to concentrate on living well.

What does the change to mylife Diabetescare offer?

As part of the global mylife Diabetescare family we join over one million people from Europe to India and Australia currently using our products. These include insulin pumps, infusion systems, pen needles and our digital therapy management systems. Our team of employees in research and development work every day to make self-treatment less burdensome. Together with strong partners like CamDiab Ltd, Abbott, Dexcom, and Sinovo we are heading into a bright future with many future innovations. Our mylife Loop Program is progressing and we are proud to announce our next step with mylife Loop.

What will change?

First of all: the name. Apart from the name change we still offer the same products and services as before. Our commercial operations and team remain unchanged along with our commitment to high levels of customer service. Patients and healthcare professionals are still our main focus.

Joining mylife Diabetescare is a change that unites us with Ypsomed’s worldwide branding. What does not change is our commitment to working together with you and your healthcare providers to make diabetes therapy even more convenient and simple with our YpsoPump system, Clickfine pen needles and digital applications. Our Canadian team looks forward to continuing and expanding our business under the mylife Diabetescare brand.

says Todd Durniak, General Manager Ypsomed USA and Canada.

Over the coming months we will move to the next step: the change of our product names and supporting materials. We look forward to keeping you updated as we move through this transformation. We are excited about becoming part of Ypsomed’s worldwide brand.

*Availability is contingent upon Health Canada approval.

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