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Ypsomed Diabetes Care supply situation

We would like to update our customers on the supply situation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We currently do not have any shortage on Ypsomed Diabetes Care products.

  • The mylife YpsoPump insulin pumps and mylife YpsoPump Reservoirs are manufactured in Switzerland and there is no supply issue.
  • The mylife Orbit infusion sets are manufactured in Mexico and the production is running. Additionally, we have enough stock in our European warehouse.
  • Our Clickfine, Penfine Classic, Optifine and AutoProtect Pen Needles are produced in Switzerland without manufacturing or supply issues.
  • The mylife Unio, mylife Cara and mylife Pura Glucose monitoring supply from Bionime in Taiwan is fully operational. We hold sufficient inventory of our Unio and Pura products in our warehouse.
  • mylife Lancets and mylife Autolance are manufactured in China. We have enough stock at our warehouse to supply for the next 5 months.

We confirm to our customers, partners and authorities full product availability to date.

Furthermore we are continuously monitoring the supply situation and we will update any change of the state.

mylife Supply Dashboard

Product Production Stock situation
mylife Clickfine DiamondTip
mylife Penfine Classic
mylife Clickfine AutoProtect
mylife Optifine
mylife Pura, mylife Unio Neva
mylife Pura and mylife Unio Strips
mylife Lancets
mylife Safety Lancets
mylife Autolance
mylife YpsoPump
mylife YpsoPump Orbit
mylife YpsoPump Reservoir
mylife Orbit
mylife Orbit Inserter


Supply fully ensured
Supply critical
Supply interrupted


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