YpsoPump Reservoir – Flexibility with your insulin of choice

mylife YpsoPump Reservoir – Empty reservoir for self-filling

Self-fill reservoir

  • Self-fill with insulin of choice
  • Easy-to-handle filling system
  • Easy-to-read filling level


Insulin delivery with your YpsoPump system

The YpsoPump Reservoir has been developed for insulin delivery with your YpsoPump system. Using the YpsoPump Reservoir, you can easily fill an empty reservoir with a rapid-acting insulin of your choice at a concentration of 100 U/ml:

  • NovoRapid®*
  • Humalog®*
  • Apidra®*
  • Admelog®*1

Long storage life in the refrigerator

You can fill the reservoir with a rapid acting insulin analogue as prescribed by your doctor/physician and store it in the fridge (2 – 8 °C) for up to 30 days. The filled reservoir can be used in the YpsoPump for up to 7 days.

YpsoPump Reservoir Storage Box

Storage box for storing filled YpsoPump Reservoirs in the refrigerator.

* For more information regarding your insulin, please consult the package leaflet issued by the insulin manufacturer. The storage time and storage conditions may differ..

1 Only when used with the YpsoPump Orbit Soft and Micro infusion sets.


Specifications for the YpsoPump Reservoir
  • Suitable for100 U/ml, rapid-acting insulin analogue
  • Size of reservoir1.6 ml/160 U
  • Package quantity10 reservoirs
  • UsageFor single use
  • MaterialGlass cylinder