The Exchange+ Program allows non-YpsoPump users, with an existing warranty, to switch to the YpsoPump for the remainder of their current pump warranty — for a reduced cost. If you qualify, your new YpsoPump will remain under warranty with us for the duration of your previous pump’s warranty.

Insulin pump exchange program

As an added bonus, you will automatically be enrolled in our Tech+ Guarantee. The Tech+ Guarantee allows you, for the duration of your pump warranty, to upgrade to Ypsomed Assist and Ypsomed Dose for $0. Have peace of mind you will always be using the latest pump technology from Ypsomed.

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How the Exchange+ Program works

Remaining warranty of your current insulin pump: You pay:
Less than 2 years $1,250 CAD
2 – 4 years $1,850 CAD
More than 4 years $2,850 CAD

Exchange+ Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Program, you must:

  • Have at least six months of verifiable warranty remaining on your current pump
  • Cover the cost of supplies through your provincial program, private insurance, or out-of-pocket
  • Not be eligible for a new pump through your provincial program or private plan

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You can also call us at 1-833-695-5959 from 9am – 8pm EST (6am – 5pm PST), Monday to Friday.

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Terms and conditions

Exchange+ Programs

  • Ypsomed Canada Inc. (“Ypsomed”) offers eligible participants an YpsoPump insulin pump (“Program Pump”) for an advance, onetime fee of $1,250 (2 years or less remaining in warranty), $1,850 (2 years to four years of remaining warranty), or $2,850 (more than four years of remaining warranty). Eligible participants will be entitled to use the Program Pump for the remainder of the warranty of participant’s current non-YpsoPump insulin pump (the “Program Period”).
  • Not eligible for customers on the previous Switch Now Program pumps (August 1, 2019 – Sept 30, 2019).
  • Customers with less than six months remaining on their warranty are not eligible for the Exchange+ Program.
  • Supplies are encouraged to be purchased direct from Ypsomed Canada.
  • During the time participant is authorized by Ypsomed to possess the Program Pump, it will be covered by Ypsomed’s standard warranty.
  • Prior to enrollment, proof of original pump warranty will be required. Ypsomed reserves the right to deny enrollment in the program at its sole discretion.
  • The Exchange+ Program does not extend the warranty period. The customer’s current warranty timeline will not change by purchasing a pump through this program.
  • Verification of pump supply coverage is recommended from their insurance providers.
  • This is a limited time offer and may be changed or discontinued at any time.
  • Pricing, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Tech+ Guarantee

The Tech+ Guarantee allows eligible, enrolled participants whose YpsoPump system order is shipped starting on 4/6/2021 to be included. This allows for an upgrade to our next Ypsomed Assist and Ypsomed Dose systems at $0. Eligibility dates subject to change.

  • Not eligible for customers on the previous Switch Now Program pumps (August 1, 2019 – Sept 30, 2019).

To upgrade, all participants must agree and are subject to these terms and conditions:

  • If future technology requires a new device, the return of your current device will be requested
  • Warranty period does not reset when you receive the new technology. The warranty period of an upgraded insulin pump will remain the same as the warranty date of the initial pump purchased.
  • Upon first commercial availability of a new YpsoPump system, it may take up to 90 days for Ypsomed to contact you with the option to upgrade. Once you place your order, it may take up to 60 days to ship the new product and arrange a training date.
  • The Tech+ Guarantee does not guarantee prioritization of your order.
  • The Tech+ Guarantee cannot be redeemed if less than six (6) months remains on your pump warranty.
  • A valid certificate of medical necessity will be required to purchase a new pump. All participants should consult their healthcare provider for all therapy related decisions.
  • Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. Other restrictions may apply.
  • All future upgrade product releases are subject to regulatory clearance by Health Canada.