Discover our Ypsomed Loop Program1!

With the Ypsomed Loop Program1, Ypsomed plans to offer a modular insulin pump system that makes diabetes therapy easier in your life. Whether you are using Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System data with the fully automated insulin delivery support, or just a pump on its own without sensor data, you can control your insulin pump therapy via your smartphone. Ypsomed Loop1 makes your life with diabetes easier.

The three steps of the program brings control, convenience, and discreetness to the small and lightweight YpsoPump insulin pump system.

mylife Loop Program - Teaser Video

Automated insulin delivery (AID) and pump control via smartphone with Ypsomed Loop1

Insulin pump control and automated insulin delivery via smartphone.

Following Ypsomed Dose and Ypsomed Assist, (pending Health Canada licensing) is the option for automated insulin delivery (AID) with the YpsoPump system.

  • Option of controller-enabled, smart, and automated insulin delivery
  • Automated correction of high and low glucose values, with the aim to increase time-in-range, based on predicted glucose levels

Benefit from regular feature updates

Thanks to our smartphone-based approach, you will benefit from regular feature updates. With the Ypsomed Loop Program1, your life will take the main stage as your diabetes therapy becomes easier.

Remote bolus delivery via Ypsomed App with Ypsomed Dose1

Insulin pump control and automated insulin delivery via smartphone.

Bolus calculation and remote bolus delivery from the smartphone to the YpsoPump.

  • Smartphone-based bolus suggestion calculation in the Ypsomed App
  • Option to release an insulin bolus on the YpsoPump directly from the Ypsomed App
  • Remote delivery of standard, extended and combination bolus types

App-based Dexcom G6 integration with Ypsomed Assist1

mylife Assist: App-based Dexcom G6 integration

The relevant therapy data, Dexcom G6 data and insulin pump data, at a glance on the smartphone to support therapy decisions via the Ypsomed App.

You will be able to benefit from the Dexcom G6 without having to replace your current YpsoPump. The only thing you will have to do is to download, or update, your Ypsomed App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • App-based integration of CGM values from Dexcom G6 with the YpsoPump system
  • Therapy data available at a glance in the Ypsomed App to support therapy decisions
  • Use of the CGM values for convenient bolus suggestion calculation
  • The Ypsomed App alerts users or followers when glucose values are (trending) high or low
  • Option of data sharing with Dexcom CLARITY, the Ypsomed Cloud (as of version 2.0) and via Dexcom Follow2 app

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Up to 5 followers in countries outside of the United States. Following requires the use of a separate Follow App and an internet connection. Do not make diabetes treatment decisions based upon the Dexcom Follow app readings. Always confirm with your compatible smart device or Dexcom receiver. 

Feature available as of Ypsomed App version 1.8. The access to CGM functionality is country-dependent.

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