mylife Assist: Dexcom CGM integration into mylife App

We have recently entered a partnership with Dexcom, one of the world's leading providers of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems. A Dexcom CGM system will be integrated in our mylife Diabetescare system. CGM data can then be sent to the mylife App. This way, you will have relevant therapy data in one place: on your smartphone.

mylife Assist: relevant therapy data at a glance

The Dexcom GCM integration into the mylife system makes diabetes therapy management much easier.
The Dexcom CGM integration into the mylife system makes diabetes therapy management a lot easier.

By integrating a Dexcom CGM system into our mylife therapy management solution, we will make it possible for you to benefit from the advantages of a CGM as well as our intuitive mylife YpsoPump insulin pump system at the same time. Every five minutes, the Dexcom sensor sends your glucose value to the mylife App and displays it in the familiar CGM curve. This way, you will have all relevant therapy data in your mylife App at a glance, from glucose values to delivered bolus and basal insulin. To check your latest values, you will therefore only have to take a look at your smartphone, which makes it very discreet.

Simply update your mylilfe App, no need to replace your current mylife YpsoPump!

Sharing CGM data with your physician

If you are already familiar with the Dexcom system, you will realise that the mylife App will cover all the functions you're used to, as well as working in a very similar way to the Dexcom app. The mylife App with integrated CGM sensors will also alert you when your values are high or low compared to your target range. As with the mylife YpsoPump data, you will be able to send the CGM data wirelessly to the mylife Cloud and share them with your physician or caregiver. At the same time, the mylife App will also communicate with the Dexcom cloud for family members or caregivers using the Dexcom Follow app.

Simply update your mylife App

You will be able to benefit from the Dexcom CGM system without having to replace your current mylife YpsoPump. The only thing you will have to do is to conveniently download or update your mylife App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Necessary CGM system settings and, if needed, even sensor calibration will be possible directly in your mylife App.

The product integration is planned to be available soon.

Main benefits

  • Receive alerts from the mylife App when your glucose levels are high or low.
  • Discreetly access and review all your relevant therapy data in one place: on your smartphone.
  • Review your glucose trend and insulin data at a glance in combination with the mylife YpsoPump.
  • Share all your data with your physician or caregivers via the mylife Cloud.
  • Share your CGM data with followers via the Dexcom Follow app.

Automated insulin delivery

Insulin pump control and automated insulin delivery via smartphone.
NEXT: Insulin pump control and automated insulin delivery via smartphone. AID is currently in development.

The Dexcom GCM integration is an important first step in our mylife Loop Program. With mylife Loop, you will eventually be able to fully control your mylife YpsoPump via your smartphone. In detail, this means that you will be able to deliver boluses and change the settings of your mylife YpsoPump via your app. We will also work towards the option of an algorithm-supported automated insulin delivery, giving you the opportunity to “loop”. Thanks to our smartphone-based approach, you will benefit from regular feature updates. With the mylife Loop Program, your life will take the main stage as your diabetes therapy will become a matter of ease.

Frequently asked questions

mylife Loop Program

How is the Dexcom CGM system integrated in the mylife Diabetescare system?

Glucose values from the Dexcom CGM system are fully integrated into the mylife App running on your smartphone. There will be no integration into the mylife YpsoPump itself.

Who will be responsible for customer support?

Ypsomed and Dexcom are fully committed to provide you with the best possible customer support. Ypsomed will focus on supporting you with any issues in the mylife App or mylife Software while Dexcom will support you with your Dexcom CGM system.

What is the goal of our mylife Loop Program?

The goal of our mylife Loop Program is to offer you a modular and customisable diabetes therapy management that makes diabetes therapy as easy as possible for you.

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